Tanzania: Afropop in Tanzania 2024 – Sauti Za Busara

[Afropop] After an intense week of music in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, I, Sean Barlow and 24 intrepid Afropop travelers made our way by ferry to Stone Town, Zanzibar, to experience one of Africa’s most impressive music festivals. Sauti Za Busara (Sounds …

Rwanda: Miss Black Festival to Be Held in Kigali

[New Times] Rwanda is set to host the inaugural ‘Miss Black Festival’, bringing together black girls from across the globe to celebrate, beauty, intelligence, and cultural richness of black women around the world.

Africa: AU Ought to Adopt Amharic As Official Language!

[Ethiopian Herald] Africa has successfully decolonized the continent geographically; it is yet to free itself from the shackles of political, economic, and cultural imperialisms. Colonial legacies are still prevalent and visible in many aspects with ca…

Central Africa: The Ben to Entertain Comedy Lovers in Kampala

[New Times] Rwandan RnB singer, The Ben, and his wife Pamella Uwicyeza this morning landed in Kampala, Uganda, where the artiste is expected to perform at a comedy show hosted by one of the countries’ biggest standup comedian, Alex Muhangi.