Nigerian Designer threatens legal action against ‘Coming to America 2’ over copyright

Top Nigerian designer, Ugo Monye has threatened legal actions over the alleged use of his company’s registered design in 2021 Paramount pictures film, ‘Coming 2 America’.

In a recently shared Instagram post, the designer revealed that the popular ‘Reale Design’ owned by his design company was reproduced in the film without proper authorization.

“It has come to our attention that our Registered Reale Design was reproduced and featured in the movie, ‘Coming 2 America’ (the “Movie”) without UML’s authorisation. The producers – Paramount Pictures, New Republic Productions, Eddie Murphy Productions and Misher Film Productions- through the costume designer of the movie, Ruth E. Carter, commissioned some tailors/designers in Nigeria to design and produce some costumes for the Movie that are an infringement of UML’s design,” an excerpt of the notice reads.

The notice also took a jab at the alleged cultural misappropriation criticism that the film received when it debuted earlier on in the year, alongside an attempt to profit off the hard work of “smaller brands” as well as the African culture.

In addition, the notice clarified that actions will be taken against the film’s producers if not properly addressed.

Recall the anticipated sequel of the 1988 comedy premiered on March 4, 2021. The film received mixed reviews. Costumier, Ruth E. Carter, however, got glowing reviews for her work on the production.

At the time of this post, the producers have not issued a public statement regarding Ugo Monye‘s claims.